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Total CV Pack

The 10 best selling cvs for an incredible price!

Get yourself the 10 most popular ShopCV templates for an unparalleled price. Thanks to the Total CV Pack you can buy our best cv templates in one go. What are you waiting for!

The Total CV Pack comes with the following top-selling cv templates

These model cvs have everything you need for the perfect job application. They all transmit professionalism so that an employer notices who you are and what you are capable of doing.

Characteristics of the Total CV Pack and Cover Letter:

  •         Pack of 10 current cvs
  •         Includes cover letter templates to match, totally editable for some cvs
  •         Formatted for Adobe InDesign and Word
  •         Available in different colours depending on the template

Note: in case you should use a different or special type of font, the files include their own fonts. It is recommended that you download the fonts before opening the document.



The most amazing cv pack has arrived! If you can’t decide from all the great options we have at ShopCV because you love them all, there is no reason why you only have to choose one cv design. Take advantage of this great offer by getting your hands on the best selling cvs that we have in one single pack.

Having several cv designs allows you to adapt your applications to each company you apply to, as not every company is the same. Some companies are more formal and appreciate a classic design like the Cala CV, while others are more modern and would love the Prax CV or Valen CV. The Total CV Pack will give you an option for every application. To make your life easier, some template cvs come with a matching cover letter, something that many companies now look for.