Pack CV 2018


10 original and trendy resume template pack

Get this incredible pack of 10 modern and trendy templates on ShopCv. Download this pack at an unbeatable price and save some time, you’ll find the ideal template for all your job applications. In this pack you’ll have the highest rated CV by previous buyers taking into account the recruiters’ request for their companies.

The resume template pack 2018 contains the following CV:

Characteristics of the 2018 CV Pack:

  • 10 trendy resume templates pack
  • Available in Adobe InDesign and Word format
  • Different colours availables depending on the model
  • Cover letters templates matching CV templates

NB If a special font was used, it will be included in the download file. We recommend you to install the fonts before modifying the Word document.



Would you like to get different modern resume templates so you can use them for different purposes? It is not recommended to use a single resume for all your job applications because some companies you’re going to apply for, just don’t have the same criterias or characteristics. That’s why some will appreciate a classical and simple template, whereas others will emphasize a stylish and creative cv template. For that reason we created this practical Pack 2018, where you’ll find the CV that best fits your needs and the company’s identity.

Don’t miss this opportunity to surprise the recruitment team with a great resume template. This pack contains 10 modern and innovative resumes templates that will definitely convey to the company a strong and professional image of yourself.

Each cv model has different designs and colours, so you’ll be able to choose the most suitable one for the work position you want to apply for. In this Pack you’ll find 10 different templates including cover letters that match the corresponding cv designs. Don’t forget to attach a cover letter to your resume!

Most resumes template contained in this pack are in PowerPoint and Adobe Indesign format but some are in Microsoft Word too.