PACK CV 2017


The 3 best cvs that you can adapt for any job offer

Why only choose one single cv from our catalogue when you can have it all? Thanks to the CV Pack 2017 you can buy our most popular cv templates in one go. Don’t wait around!

The CV Pack 2017 templates include the following:

All these model cvs come with the best basic characteristics you need for a great cv. They transmit professionalism so that an employer notices in who you are and what you are capable of doing.

Features of the CV Pack 2017 and cover letter

Pack of 3 great cv’s

  • Prax CV and Hexa CV include cover letter templates to match that are editable
  • Formatted for Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word
  • Available in different colours depending on each template

Note: in case you should use a different or special type of font, the files include their own fonts. It is recommended that you download the fonts before opening the document.



Do you want to stand out when you apply for a job? Our template packs are the solution to have cvs available to download and choose which one you like best at a reasonable price.

The CV Pack 2017 is compiled of our 3 most popular and newest ShopCV templates so that your cv is the most current. Thanks to this pack you can create 3 different cvs and customise them to the different companies you apply to according to the industry and your job preferences.

Thanks to this cv template pack you don’t have to choose just one, you can have the best and most modern cvs to apply for your dream job. Each model cv comes in different colours to choose from and all are easy to use in Word or InDesign for further personalisation.