Value CV Template


Thanks to this professional-looking cv template, you’ll be able to apply for the coveted job in the best possible way. This template is perfect to highlight your skills, experience and linguistic abilities if you want a professional-looking one page resume. With the Value template, you will convey a serious image and a confident self-attitude, ideal for any job position.

This model allows you to organize your personal information by choosing three different colours. Pick the one that best matches your application! With a rather conventional but not boring arrangement, this model will grab the reader’s attention.

Moreover this easy to read resume template will simplify the recruiter task by using different pleasant fonts (available in the download file). This model is available in Power Point and Adobe Indesign so that you can edit any information by replacing the default text by yours.

Characteristics of Value CV

  • 100% editable file in Power Point and Adobe Indesign
  • Ready to print in A4
  • Available in 3 colours
  • The fonts used to create the template are included


We recommend you to use this resume template if your aim is to apply positions with a high level of responsibility in a large company.

This resume template is available in different formats as Adobe Indesign or PowerPoint, and in different colours so you can modify it to suit your own needs.