California Portfolio CV PREMIUM


Present your work professionally and let your work shine!

Launching offer!

The California portfolio cv allows you to present your work and experience in a professional and relevant way.

This template portfolio comes with an InDesign version and different types of layouts for you to choose the one that stands out the most and will fit your needs. It contains 47 pages with a unique design and style that won’t go unnoticed, allowing your work to take over the show.

The California cv portfolio includes several fonts for you to choose the best design you like.

Characteristics of the California CV Portfolio:

  • Completely editable in Adobe InDesign
  • Contains 47 pages free to edit
  • Different layouts for each section (different cover pages, back covers, introductions etc…)
  • A4 page size prepared for printing or available to save as PDF
  • Visual design that is easy to edit
  • Includes fonts that are easily installable for your computer

*Note: it is recommended that you install the fonts before editing the portfolio file




Discover the portfolio cv and show off your work professionally and creatively. The design of this template portfolio is modern and attractive to display your quality work and make sure your stand out from the rest of the applicants. With this portfolio cv you can change the fonts, designs or services however you like to present your successes in a much more visual manner.

This template is completely editable and easy to modify to present your work to a high quality. It only comes in one format: InDesign (it can be edited using InDesign CS4). It is perfect for any job that requires you to present your visual skills. Let your achievements be the star of the show!

This portfolio template comes in 47 pages and only one colour. It contains several layout options for each section so you can change this to how you want the design to look. Add in your own information to sell yourself and kick-start your new professional adventure.

This cv portfolio is made for professionals that want to present themselves using images and want to show their knowledge on architecture, photography, graphic design, web design or fashion.