Summer CV Template


A CV that will distinguish you from the rest of the candidates. Grab your employer’s attention!

Launch offer!

Thanks to our Summer CV, you can present yourself on a single sheet of paper and display your training and experience with a unique visual aid.

This CV template comes with a Powerpoint versión and its equivalent Indesign template. Its versatility allows you to modify it so you can make it relelvant for whatever position you apply for.

The Summer CV comes in 3 original colours with different fonts to make your application different while looking good.
Summer CV characteristics:

·         Edit in Adobe Indesign and Powerpoint
·         Use it with freeware like Open Office
·         Prepared page size so it will print as A4 or save as a PDF
·         Available in 3 colours
·         Includes fonts that you can easily choose from on your computer
*Note: we recommend you instal the fonts before editing the cv template



With this cv template, there won’t be a job that can afford not to hire you. The brilliant design of the CV template allows you to exhibit your accumulated experience in a much more attractive manner to make you stand out from the crowd. Include your experience and successes in visual form that grabs the attention.

This template is completely editable and has the purpose of making your life simple so you can collocate your education, work experience (national and international), skills, availability and hobbies. It comes in two forms: Indesign and Powerpoint but you can also edit it in Open Office if you need. Adapt the template how you like for the job!

The cv comes in 3 different colours with example text that you can edit and replace with your personal details and all the information you think necessary to display your talent for the job role.

This resume is made for professionals of any industry. It is versatile and allows you to change it to how you like.