Route CV Template


Would you like to apply for a job in an original way? This modern cv template will definitely grab the recruiter’s attention. This cv model has a dynamic design thanks to the bullet points that organize your information to make it easier to read. Your abilities and skills will be highlighted by this template and you will certainly stand out from the other candidates.

This resume template has 3 different designs and colours, so you’ll be able to choose the most suitable one for the work position you want to apply for. It is not recommended to use a single resume for all your job applications because some companies you’re going to apply for, just don’t have the same criterias or characteristics. This template is perfect for any application in any field. It includes a cover letter too.

This cv model has a PowerPoint and Adobe InDesign version, both fully editable, so that you can edit any information by replacing the default text by yours. In this pack, different pleasing fonts (available in the download file) were used to improve the readability of these professional-looking templates.

Characteristics of the Route CV:

  • Fully editable Adobe InDesign and PowerPoint files
  • Ready to print in A4
  • Available in 3 colours
  • The fonts used to create the template are included


This original and modern resume template will surprise the recruitment team of the company you are applying for. This kind of resume can be useful if creativity and taking initiatives are highlighted. Start using this template and you’ll see some results!

This resume template is available in different formats as Adobe Indesign or PowerPoint, and in different colours so you can modify it to suit your own needs. With this template, looking for a job will become an easy procedure!