Hexa CV Template


A cv that will show you off as the perfect candidate for the job!

Launch offer: 50% off

Thanks to the Hexa cv, you can present yourself on just one page, showing off your training and experience in a modern and unique way. The Hexa CV comes with graphics to show your understanding and stand out from the crowd.

This cv template is compatible with Word and InDesign to allow you to modify the model as much as you need and adapt it towards the job offer you are applying for.

The Hexa model cv comes in three original colours and a wide variety of fonts so you can personalise the cv without losing the template design. The best thing is you can change it however you like.

Hexa CV characteristics:

  • Complete file to edit in Adobe InDesign or Word
  • Page size ready to print in A4
  • Available in 3 colours
  • Fonts included
  • Cover letter template included

*Note: it is recommended that you install the different fonts before editing the cv template.



Thanks to the Hexa model cv, you are guaranteed to have an amazing cv that will help you in your job search. This is a cv template that allows you to edit and adapt it to your needs. Also, the template comes in different formats suitable for Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign. Personalise the model cv in a way that is simple and adaptable for what you need and for how you want your application to look like.

Finally, to give it a personal touch, the cv comes in three different colours with example text that you can modify and replace with your own personal details and necessary information to get started in your new professional venture. It comes with a cover letter template to compliment your CV and make you more attractive to future employees.

This cv is made for professionals of any industry due to it’s simple design and versatility. With an original touch, we are sure you will stand out from the rest of the applicants.